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Excused absences will be granted for the following circumstances:

  • Up to 5 days during a school year for medical appointment/illness without a medical excuse;
  • Up to 5 days during a school year for mental or behavioral health of a student; and,
  • Up to 5 days during a school year for family/personal business which requires the student to be out of town.

Any absences beyond 5 days for each circumstance stated above will require a written medical excuse for the absence to be considered excused. District #7 reserves the right to require additional excuses for medical absences.

Tardies & Absences
Students are marked absent if they are more than five minutes late to a class.

For complete information regarding student attendance, please refer to page 42 of the District #7 Student Handbook.

Parents have the responsibility for requiring and promoting their children’s regular school attendance, which is the first step in achieving academic success. Parents are also responsible for notifying the school office of their children’s absences. Parents planning to take students out of school are responsible for making advance arrangements with the school administration.


Goal Statement


  1. To instill and develop a rich work ethic in each student that will cause the student to see schoolwork as the top priority.
  2. To encourage each student to develop worthy social skills that exclude vulgar language, inappropriate demonstrations of affection, intimidation, and fights.
  3. To develop higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills to foster a greater development of the minds.
  4. To create an understanding of accountability for one’s actions.
  5. To inspire pride in and spirit at EHS.
  6. To continually strive to perform academically up to one’s greatest potential and ability.


  1. To improve instruction through new or innovative ideas.
  2. To enhance a positive school-wide harmony between staff members in different departments and with the administration.

Parents and the Community:

  1. To involve more parents in school service work.
  2. To involve more parents in the academic and social activities of their children.
  3. To improve public relations between our school and the community.

Attendance Office

Mary Goad
(grades 10 & 12) 

656-7100 ext. 20102

Brittany Wallace
(grades 9 & 11)

656-7100 ext. 20103